Paper Merchandise Bags

Whether you’re a bakery, a liquor store, personal care shop or a confectioner, we offer premium printed paper merchandise bags for your goods.

Our merchandise bags are convenient to store, easy to use and, easy to recycle or compost for your customers. Our paper bags come in a variety of sizes, with optional features, colours and coatings.

 Reach out to us if you are interested in our paper merchandise packaging products.

Merchandise bag applications

With such a wide variety of sizes, coatings, and features our merchandise bags have a large range of product applications, including:

  • Baked breads
  • Donuts and cookies
  • Wine and spirits
  • Prepared deli foods
  • Confectionery goods
  • Soaps and personal care products
  • Small pharmaceutical products
  • Cards, books and documents

Our range of windowed merchandise paper bags offer the same range of applications, but with a clear poly window to display the content of the bag.

Quality Wraps and Paper Packaging

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