Food Packaging

Bulldog Bag Ltd. is a wholesale manufacturer of durable, and sustainable food packaging solutions.

We offer custom printed graphics for finished bags, wicket bags or rollstock for form-fill and seal applications.​ From laminated bags, pouches and vacuum seal packaging to paper products for all your dry bulk goods and frozen produce. We manufacture a large variety of packaging products to choose from and we’re sure you can find the ideal solution for your food packaging needs.

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Explore Our Food Packaging Products

Snacks and Dry Foods

Explore a variety of snack and dry food packaging items.

Fresh Food

Prioritise your products’ shelf life with our fresh food packaging.

Bakery and Confectionery

We offer paper, windowed paper and polymer packaging options for your sweet and savoury treats.

Frozen Food

Our frozen food packaging will keep your products cool from source to table.

Vaccum Seal and Shrink Packaged Foods

Lock your products in our vacuum seal bags for freshness, packing and stocking efficiency.

Farm Fresh Produce

Try our fresh produce packaging, great for pre-packaged produce, or our line paper bags for weighing and bagging stations.

Our Food Packaging Solutions

Whether you prioritise barrier properties like moisture, gas, aroma or light permeability, or want flashy artwork and colorful film to stand out on the shelf, we source a virtually endless range of film types for our food packaging products including:

  • Recyclable film
  • Laminated and compound film
  • Metalized film

Looking to add new features to your current packaging? Bulldog Bag Ltd. manufactures several bag types to choose from, with customisable features for each type.

  • Resealable bags
  • Standup pouch bags, bottom gusset bags with or without an angle seal
  • Customizable rollstock for vertical and horizontal form fill and seal (FFS) applications
  • Die cut handles, notches and tear strips
  • Tubing, sheeting and perforated rolls

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