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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Can you arrange shipping?
Do you have a salesperson that does house calls?
Yes, Bulldog Bag has sales representatives that service Western North America.
Do you offer custom graphic design for printed packaging options?
Yes. No matter what kind of graphic your packaging needs, from logos to full-colour images, we can provide you with the high-quality printing necessary to bring it to life. Our in-house art department can help you create an eye-catching design from scratch with high-tech process printing in up to eight colours.
Do you offer environmentally-friendly products?
Yes. All of our paper bags are 100% recyclable. We can produce FSC® (C124689) certified bags that are printed using only water-based inks. FSC® (C124689) ensure responsible use of the world’s forest resources. Our FIBC Super Sacks® are recyclable and reusable. Our poly ethylene products can be ordered with ECM™, a degradable additive.
Does Bulldog Bag guarantee quality?
Bulldog Bag guarantees the product will be manufactured to the specifications that the customer and Bulldog Bag jointly agree to.
Does Bulldog Bag have any packaging and quality certifications?
IFS PACsecure certified for food packaging
Does Bulldog Bag have process printing capabilities?
Yes, up to 8 colors currently and 10 colors in summer 2016.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Since we produce everything locally in our own manufacturing facilities, we are capable of offering our customers flexible lead times starting at just four weeks.
What areas does Bulldog Bag service?
Bulldog Bag services all areas of North America as well as the Pacific Rim via truck, rail or water.
What is the minimum quantity for a custom order?
Paper – 6,000 bags
Plastic Bags – varies depending on the size of bag and degree of customization
Plastic Film Plain – 500lbs
Plastic Film Printed – 1000lbs
Lumber Wrap – 4 rolls
Lumber Sewn Covers – 500
What methods of payment does Bulldog Bag accept?
Major Credit Cards, Cash or Cheque for approved customers.


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