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Bakery, Snack and Dry Food Packaging Products

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Durable Bakery, Snack and Dry Food Packaging Products

Get diverse packaging solutions for your bakery and snack products at Bulldog Bag Ltd. Our Dry food packaging solutions are made using paper and/or polymer and we offer quality rollstock options for form, fill and seal applications as well as a range of finished bags for manual or machine filling in several dispensing formats.

We offer fully customizable packaging products using our in-house pre-press department for brands to showcase themselves.

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Still Life baguette loaf of bread and other various in paper packaging

Types of Products Offered

We offer high-performance packaging designed to protect and securely store your baked goods and dry food items. Some of the snack, bakery and dry food packaging solutions we offer include: 


  • High-performance rollstock

  • Wicketed bags

  • Windowed paper bags

  • Resealable pouch bags

  • Bread bags

  • Pinch bottom bags

  • SOS bags

  • Lined paper bags

Need Dry Food Packaging?

Choose from a variety of our packaging options.

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