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Top-quality Pet Food Packaging Products in Richmond, BC

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When it comes to pet food packaging, having high-performance products and eye-catching designs goes a long way. Pet lovers do not compromise on the products they buy for their pets. This is why Bulldog Bag Ltd. has created a line of top-quality pet food packaging products that boast excellent performance and beautiful design. 

We manufacture in Richmond, BC, and supply clients across Alberta, Washington, Oregon and Vancouver. Our packaging solutions cater to both dry and wet pet foods using durable materials such as multiwall bags, resealable zip pouches, rollstock. We manufacture sustainable packaging products. Get in touch to place an order today.

Woman feeding dog with a dry food at home

Our Pet Food Packaging Products

Some of our pet food packaging products include: 


  • Paper bags

  • Paper sewn handle bags

  • Poly laminated pouch bags 

  • Poly laminated rollstock 

  • Poly pouch bags

  • Poly resealable bags

  • Poly vacuum seal bags 

Explore Our Products

Form/fill/seal applications: Laminated bags, poly tubing, poly sheeting, and poly bags.

Reliable Pet Food Packaging Products

We manufacture a wide range of pet food packaging products.

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