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Lawn and Garden Packaging

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Bulldog Bag Ltd. manufactures a range of packaging options for landscaping and gardening products. Our heavy-duty packaging provides excellent barrier properties with the option to customize bag features and add custom branding and labeling.

Whether you need rollstock, sheeting, open mouth bags or finished bags, contact us today for your lawn and garden packaging needs.

Explore Our Lawn and Garden Packaging Products 

Decorative Rock and Gravel

Our heavy-duty packaging is designed to hold the bulkiest products.

Fertilizer, Mulch and Soil Bags

We have an extensive range of film options and barrier properties for your soil amendment products.

Construction Packaging

We have packaging options for even the toughest of jobs.

Pool Salt and Ice Melt

Heavy-duty and resealable. Bulldog Bag Ltd. has the products for your salt packaging needs. 
Gravel bags on fallen leafs

Lawn and Garden Packaging Solutions

Our custom printed lawn and garden selection is used for a wide range of landscaping products. Bag types and features include:

  • Laminated bags

  • Open mouth bags

  • Rollstock

  • Sheeting

  • Resealable zipper bags

  • Die cut handle bags

  • Large medium and small format


Up to 10 color printing options on all bag types

Heavy-Duty Bags for Landscaping and Construction

Our bags can help you manage bulk goods and waste.

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