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Optimum Protection during Handling, Shipping & Storage

Bulldog Bag Ltd. offers a full array of multiwall and industrial bags in both paper and plastic for the industrial, seed and feed markets in Western North America. Our multiwall and industrial products are unsurpassed in their solid and reliable construction and consistent quality. As with all of our products, our multiwall and industrial solutions are developed with only the best products and technology so you always get the reliable, tamper-proof packaging you need. With Bulldog, you never have to worry about the integrity of your products, as we design all of our multiwall and industrial bags for optimum protection during handling, shipping and storage.

Our Bags Come in a Variety of Styles, Formats & Closures

We are confident that our multiwall and industrial bags can fit the complex needs of your products, whether they are odour protection for fertilizer, barrier protection for soil, farm and aquaculture feed or moisture protection for cement and chemicals. All of our multiwall and industrial bags come in a variety of styles, formats and closures, including:

  • Sewn open-mouth bags
  • Pasted open-mouth bags
  • Stepped-end valve bags

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Customized bags give you a customized look. All of our bags can be printed in up to eight colours with professional graphics designed either by you or by our in-house art department. Contact Bulldog Bag Ltd. to request a quote today!

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