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Press Helper

Primary Responsibility

Reporting to the Extruder Operator your primary responsibility is to assist the Extruder Operator with the set-up and production of blown extruded plastic film which meets or exceeds all specifications and quality requirements in the most cost effective way.

Key Accountabilities

  • Cut cores, make boxes and cut square pack wood
  • Organize and complete all paperwork related to work order
  • Perform quality checks at all stages set-up and production and completes quality control documentation
  • Maintain an organized and clean work environment
  • Follow all Food Safety, product quality and Health and Safety Guidelines as laid out in the Departmental Summary
  • Assist with all other work that needs to be completed


  • Roll changes and packs all rolls off winders
  • Set up winders for change-overs
  • Perform general housekeeping (sweeping, changing scrap boxes, disposing of garbage, keeping the workspace clean and clutter free)
  • Cut cores, make boxes, cut square pack
  • Set up tower and gusset boards for all work orders
  • Set up treaters, bow rollers and winder tensions
  • Perform dart tests on film and record results
  • Weigh rolls / boxes and record results
  • Check quality of print, film, seals and film (bag) dimensions
  • Assist Extruder Operator with all aspects of order set-up
  • Assist Pressman with all press related set-ups
  • Organize and fills out all paperwork related to work order
  • Operate forklift
  • Check Extruder Operator’s set-up, resins, wayflat dimensions, roll count, box count, roll footage, film colour and type of film
  • Check Pressman’s set-up, ink, print placement and plates
  • Perform quality checks on lines being run. Record and report variances to Operator or Pressman
  • Pack skids and fill out paperwork
  • Deliver work in progress (WIP) material to other departments
  • Place WIP in racks and record location
  • Removal of plates from cylinders
  • Filing of Plates
  • Clean-up of Extrusion area and Presses
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the Extrusion Operator

Must Haves

  • Strong Mechanical aptitude
  • Grade 12 level or equivalent education
  • Good Math skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English; reading, writing and speaking
  • Minimum 2-3 years’ experience in a manufacturing environment
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team
  • Physically able to perform all aspects of the job, be on your feet entire shift, bending, reaching, walking and lifting up to 50lbs
  • Ability to follow directions, written or spoken


  • Strong Teamwork Ethic
  • Flexibility, reliability


  • Manufacturing and production plant
  • 12 hour shifts, rotating every 2 weeks
  • 60 min of breaks to be determined by Team Lead
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