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Flexible Bird Seed Packaging Products in Richmond, BC

Pile of bags with bird seeds

Bulldog Bag Ltd. manufactures quality bird seed packaging products in Richmond, BC. Today, animal nutrition is an important factor in the animal husbandry and pet industry. From animal feed to feed supplements, we have developed products that can effectively store and transport the products and keep them at their best quality. 

We supply our bird feed packaging products to clients in Vancouver, Alberta, Oregon and Washington. From laminated pouches and rollstock to paper bags and resealable options, our products are designed to retain the quality and integrity of the bird seed and animal feed products. Contact us for complete packaging solutions today.

Bird Food close up

Our Bird Seed Packaging Solutions

We offer a wide range of packaging products for bird seed and other types of animal feed. Some of our products include: 


  • Paper sewn bags

  • Poly laminated pouch bags

  • Poly laminated rollstock 

  • Poly laminated stand-up pouch bags 

  • Poly resealable bags 

  • Polywoven sewn bags

  • Paper pasted open mouth bags

  • Poly rollstock

Explore Our Products

Form/fill/seal applications: Laminated bags, poly tubing, poly sheeting, and poly bags.

Bird Seed Packaging Solutions

We manufacture and distribute a range of bird seed packaging products.

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