Why Work With Bulldog Bag Ltd.?

A Long History of Success

Bulldog Bag Ltd. has over 50 years of experience in meeting our customers’ packaging requirements. The fact that some of our customers from 50 years ago are still with us today is a testament to the high level of both customer service and product quality that we have consistently delivered over time. As the needs of our clients shifted from paper to plastic, from bottles to pouches -and from plastic back to paper-, Bulldog Bag Ltd. has grown, adapted and transformed to ensure that those needs are met.

Agile Production

As a locally owned and operated custom packaging manufacturer, Bulldog Bag Ltd. is uniquely placed to meet your packaging needs without massive lead times, huge minimum orders (although we take those too), complicated shipping administration and costly delays. We also foster relationships with several suppliers to maintain a robust supply chain and reduce the risk of disruption.

Continual Investment

Bulldog Bag Ltd. is fully committed to exceptional product design and innovation. Our brand new facility in Langley, BC, features several new pieces of conversion and printing equipment, increasing our manufacturing capacity, and allowing us to further elevate our commitment to excellence in manufacturing custom packaging for our growing customer requirements.

White Glove Service

As a wholesale bag manufacturer, Bulldog Bag Ltd. offers a full line of converted bags, custom printed flexible films, sheets, tubes and covers. We’re proud to offer you the widest possible range of choices to meet your packaging needs.

Market Reach

With our extensive product range Bulldog Bag Ltd. services clients across North America.

As the manufacturer, Bulldog Bag Ltd. holds certificates of origin for all products produced at our Langley facility and can ship goods globally through our trusted network of distributors and customs brokers.

Our Mission

To exceed customers’ expectations

Our Vision

Bulldog Bag Ltd. is an innovative producer of high-quality, value-added flexible packaging where employees want to work

Core Values

Our employees are our most important asset

We are obsessed with our customer satisfaction

We will operate at the highest standards

We insist on respect and dignity