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Here at Bulldog Bag we respect our environment

  • We recycled over 709,000 lbs of paper, 1,000,000 lbs of plastic and 5,000 gallons of waste fluids in the last year alone
  • We recycle the metal drums that inks, solvents and glues are packaged in
  • We recycle all food waste, paper and other common recyclables


We constantly look for new opportunities to improve our environmental footprint

  • Installed motion activated LED lighting in the plant that goes off when there is no activity in an area and goes back on when there is activity, effectively reducing our use of electricity
  • 756 metric tons of CO2 are being saved every year which is equal to the electricity use of 104 homes and the greenhouse gases expelled by 159 cars
  • We unplug all machines not in operation where able


All efforts are made to reuse as a way to reduce waste

  • We separate the alcohol from used ink and re-purpose it instead of sending it to be recycled



Bulldog Bag is involved in many fundraising efforts

  • We have supported the United Way for 25 years and are proud to say as of 2016 Bulldog employees helped raise more than $130,000
  • For 25 years Bulldog Bag has made a yearly seasonal donation to the Salvation Army that has helped raise over $52,000
  • Each November we contribute to the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy campaign by selling Poppies and donating bags for their collection efforts
  • Our employees can sell their personal charity event or raffle tickets on site


  • Host pizza party with all the proceeds being donated to the United Way
  • Payroll deductions in support of the Salvation Army Fire Relief for those affect by the 2017 BC forest fires